If you love your dog & want them to be happy & healthy, then don’t give it a second thought. Once you go through the program and bring the techniques into your everyday life, you and your pup will have such a great relationship with respect and lots of love! Stacey and Travis are so thorough and available to guide you through every step, from the first phone call to the go home session, they will make sure that your dogs transition into its improved lifestyle is the best it can be for everyone.
— Linsday & Dan
Travis and Stacey have a true passion for training dogs and they have a way of connecting with them that will make you glad you chose them.
— Kristin
The result we’ve seen with Chloe after the training are a complete 180. We are now able to walk her on and off leash. Before she would pull us around like a rag doll on walks, however, now she walks in a heel position a half step behind us. There are so many little changes which are big for Chloe and us that we notice all the time! Through the whole process, Stacey kept us informed of Chloe’s progress with videos pictures and messages. I love that at any time you can text Stacey with a question and she will get right back to you. Stacey and Travis are truly amazing and one hundred percent dedicated to what they do. You don’t see many people who love what they do in life but you can see it in Stacey and Travis’ work. We are so thankful we were able to get Chloe the help she needed. It has made her life and our lives so much easier.
— Leilani Corallo Miraglia
Now, thanks to Pure Energy Dog Training, I have the dog I always knew was in there...and it’s AWESOME!
— Angela
I would recommend Pure Energy Dog Training to anyone who needs help with any aspect of dog training, even the most difficult cases.
— Shirah
Thanks, Pure Energy Dog Training for helping to train my owners! Life is more fun when they know how to handle my energy!
— Katie Doeler
Fin, was always a good dog, but needed some direction. I didn’t have the tools to help both Fin and I grow and learn so I decided to turn to Pure Energy for help. What we got was so much more! Fin did a one week board and train with the Pure Energy team. After that week, Fin returned a brand new dog! It was absolutely amazing! Stacey and Travis spent several hours patiently showing me how to keep up with Fin’s new structure. They answered all my questions and made sure that I understood everything. They truly want you and your dog to succeed.
— Angela
They were both willing to help me with any questions and concerns I had. I’ve noticed that my dog is more calm when approaching guests and she also does not nip at my shoes or shorts anymore! If a potential client was on the fence about whether or not to work with them I would say absolutely do it!! Pure Energy cares about your relationship with your dog. It is important to them that you thrive as a pet owner. They want to help you create a happy and healthy relationship. I’ve already reached out to Stacey with questions and she responded with a wealth of information to help me! Stacey and Travis are great and you really are getting excellent training from passionate trainers.
— Frank