What We Do

Head Trainer, Stacey Cotter

Pure Energy Dog Training and Rehabilitation specializes in dog behavior modification and obedience training. We offer training solutions for aggression, anxiety, fear reactivity, leash reactivity, resource guarding, puppy training, and more!

Our passion sets us apart from the rest and we understand the importance of building a healthy relationship between you and your dog for a lifetime of happiness together.

We offer training sessions and board and train programs. With our board and train program, your dog stays with us, in our home/training facility. With a staff of 4 trainers, we are sure to troubleshoot your situation and come up with the best possible game plan to solving all of your dog-related issues.

It's time to stop living life around your dog and time to start enjoying life with your dog!

For more information check out our About, Packages/Rates, and FAQs. To inquire about signing up for dog training, please fill out the Contact Form/Sign Up Application. We are a team and we look forward to having you become a part of that team with us!

We had another trainer who tried to help us but the methods we were using weren’t working quite fast enough. I did my research and as a last resort I called several trainers and no one seemed to be quite the right fit, until I called Stacey. She carefully explained everything to me including all about the ecollar which I had some initial reservations about. Once she explained to me how low level it is and how it is just a communication tool I was put completely at ease.
— Cheryl